Give Wynn a Break

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Give Wynn a Break
Give Wynn a Break

Enough is enough.

I have never met Steve Wynn and have never worked for one of his casinos. And my path has never crossed some of the other celebrities and star makers who are now being accused of all sorts of misdemeanors and crimes, most of them involving sex or inappropriate touching.

By the way, what is inappropriate touching? I saw a poker room supervisor walk up behind a female dealer the other day at one of my favorite casinos and rub her shoulders. Was that inappropriate touching since he didn't ask permission? She seemed to like it.

Wynn was born in Brooklyn. It's a tough town. I am sure he learned some of his casino smarts on the streets of Brooklyn, coping with gangs, knocking elbows with the New York Police, and enjoying the delights of fraternizing with members of the opposite sex.

He built a gambling dynasty from the ground up. It wasn't easy as anyone in the casino industry will assure you. Today many of his employees earn salaries or tips in the six-figure range and these aren't even the top of the line wage earners.

But something came along called MeToo that is threatening to destroy what it took Wynn a lifetime to build. Shadows out of the past charging him with sex crimes that nobody could defend themselves against, whether the offenses are true or false.

Excuse me, but I have to ask a naughty question. Did any of these accusers benefit from their association with Wynn over the years? Did they take home extra money or sip expensive champagne or dine on lush dinners at his casinos while Wynn was committing these alleged crimes?

Come on, ladies. I'm waiting for an answer.

And if a crime was committed against you and it was forcible, why didn't you do what most ordinary citizens would have done? Why didn't you report it to the police, the sheriff's department or the FBI? Why did you wait so long to feel offended or violated by an employer who has suddenly become (in your estimation) a creep?

I guess we'll never know the answers because no members of the national news media are asking the questions.

Now I am not naive enough not to realize celebrities and power brokers like Wynn might feel they deserve privileges the general public doesn't enjoy. That has always gone with the territory.

I have a daughter and if she went to work for a guy like Wynn, I would congratulate her on her new job. But I would also warn her about the birds and the bees. That goes with the territory. My daughter would understand. I brought her up that way.

Should Wynn resign from his position as head of his casino enterprises because of these allegations?

I don't think so. Tough it out. Trump it out.

And to the general public I say, give Wynn a break.

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