Liberty Slots Pays Out $100K on Agent Cash

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Liberty Slots Pays Out $100K on Agent Cash
Liberty Slots Pays Out $100K on Agent Cash

One way to fight the pending cabin fever during these freezing winter months is trying your luck on slots. Sinc we're all pretty much indoor-bound for a while, some of us are using this extra time productively – by being patient and playing strategically in order to accumulate big bucks. However, none were so strategic and so successful over the holidays like one Liberty Slots punter, whose blend of skill and good fortune paid off tremendously.

During the Christmas break, over a period of nine days, California resident Raffella D and a member of the site for six years, had clear intentions: to play Agent Cash. On December 21st, the first strike of fortune was upon her as she won $8500 spinning the reels; and that was just the first step towards glory. On Christmas Day, Santa brought her a nice batch of another $11000 to her account! Only days later, on the 28th, it got even better – much better: she won an additional $65000 and she wrapped up 2017 on December 30th by winning $21000 more and then another $32000 soon after!

Talk about a winning streak...

Raffella, who was beside herself in ecstasy, commented as soon as she could recover from shock: “I can't believe it -- after all this time, I got lucky! I just sensed it was worth sticking with it! I've already received some of the winnings. Getting these checks in the mail is like having a job, except you don't have to go to work! Thanks to Mark and Liberty Slots, they've been so great -- no issues with the payout, even over the holidays."

Mark Ramirez, Liberty Slots manager, was extremely happy for this event's unfolding: "This was an incredible series of wins for Raffella! It just goes to show that it can really pay off to keep playing when you get a win. You never know how far you can go!"

LCB sends a big congratulations to Raffella! Maybe it's your turn to be a grand winner at Liberty Slots? This may be a great time to join their ranks, because until the end of January, they are giving away 20 extra spins on the Cash Cow video slot!

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