Dubai To Implement Blockchain Services In 2018

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Dubai To Implement Blockchain Services In 2018
Dubai To Implement Blockchain Services In 2018

Dubai, The City of Future, and its government are working on pilot programs to put 20 blockchain platforms into effect in 2018, as part of its Smart City concept. The government has formed a team which is to supervise Dubai’s technological development, including Bitcoin related services and sectors. A strategic partnership between IBM, Consensys and the appointed agency has been made to help the city realize its goals in a short period of time.

The project includes exclusively top-of-the-rank technologies and blockchain is one of our top priorities, said Aisha Bint Buti bin Bisher, director general of Smart Dubai. She welcomes the implementation of cryptocurrency systems which can improve people’s experience and overall quality of life in the Arabian Gulf. She remains convinced that the use of applications in various fields such as health, energy, education and transport will be of great benefit for the city’s residents. A lot of these technologies are already being used for land registry transactions, even though the initial launch is scheduled for 2020.

In like manner, other government sectors have also started using similar pilot programs. The Department of Naturalization and Residency and Dubai Customs are working closely with IBM in developing future initiatives and systems that will improve service delivery and blockchain applicability; more than 25 million hours of productivity will be saved per year, thanks to its modern and practical benefits!

Dubai is both technologically and financially more advanced than any other city in the world, and it is just a matter of time before it becomes a blockchain hotspot and capital of cryptocurrencies, adds Bisher. National technology officer, Ramez Dandan, discussed at the very same conference about an impressive rate of modern crypto-based technologies and said that their full potential for enterprises is yet to be revealed.


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