LCB Hosts ‘A Better 2018 for Gamblers Contest’

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LCB Hosts ‘A Better 2018 for Gamblers Contest’
LCB Hosts ‘A Better 2018 for Gamblers Contest’

It’s officially 2018, and chances are you’re in the midst of a New Year Resolution. Perhaps you’ve committed to getting healthy, giving up smoking, or maybe dedicating more time to yourself or your family. Whatever the case may be, we wish you good luck in sticking to it!

In light of new beginnings, our well-loved moderator, Lipstick, has created an exciting new contest that encourages members to reflect on their history of playing habits throughout their gambling experiences, and share what tips and tricks they have taken away to make them more skilled players. It’s been dubbed, the ‘A Better 2018 for Gamblers Contest’. The idea is to help others get on track in hopes of creating more positive and lucrative experiences all around.

You’re encouraged to share where you’ve gone wrong in the past, what moves you have made that led to good fortune and any other tips you’d like to share. One post is permitted per day, and a total of fourteen prizes are up for grabs. The contest is currently live and will continue through January 26th at 11:59 EST. A single player will be selected for each of the following prizes: $20, $25, $30, $35, $40, and $50. Two $10 prizes and six $5 prizes will also be awarded.

Cash may be used in the LCB Shop. Simply head to the designated page and use the drop-down menu to ‘Redeem Credits.’ Browse the gifts available and purchase whatever you like.

Good luck to all, and let’s kick off 2018 the right way!

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